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We are undergoing an unprecedented digital revolution that is redefining how businesses interact, communicate, compete and position themselves in the marketplace, thus, pushing the need to boost operational efficiency and forever altering the businesses landscape. As business owners and service providers, we recognize that digital transformation is now a prerequisite for economic competitiveness to maximize the added value for the client base and stakeholders.

At Post Modern Consulting (PMC), we believe that all organizations execute ERP in some form and have inherited their ERP through a combination of tactical decisions. Postmodern ERP is about changing the way ERP systems will be sourced, managed and implemented, without changing the fundamental value proposition an ERP system brings.

We support organizations to opt for a strategy that will provide them with immediate access to technology and its transformational benefits, including deeper analytical insights, process automations and an enhanced users experience resulting in a long-term agility over a short-term operational efficiency.

Following the postmodern trends, Artificial Intelligence will only become more prevalent, powerful and practical in the years to come, where the postmodern approach to ERP software selection will set to mature right alongside with it.

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Post Modern Consulting (PMC) is an independent and technology agnostic consulting firm specializing in the digital transformation of business processes consisting of ERP system implementations, enterprise strategy, organizational design and change management through deploying the best enterprise solutions in each particular area, while ensuring they adequately integrate with one another when necessary.


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