Vision: Serving as a trusted and independent digital and business transformation consulting partner.
Mission: Helping enterprises accelerate adoption of new technologies, untangle complex issues that always emerge during digital evolution, and orchestrate ongoing innovation.

Values: People, Integrity, Innovation and lifetime partnership

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Our Vision

To create a sustainable, digitized and enhanced future business environment through the success
of our customers, by serving as their go-to trusted, independent and technology agnostic
consulting partner, along their digital and business transformational journey.

Our Mission

To help enterprises accelerate their adoption of new technologies, untangle complex issues
emerging throughout the digital evolution, and orchestrate the ongoing innovation.

Our Values

People, Integrity, and Innovation, leading to a lifetime partnership.

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Get to know PMC and the team

Post Modern Consulting (PMC) is an independent and technology agnostic consulting firm specializing in the digital transformation of business processes consisting of ERP system implementations, enterprise strategy, organizational design and change management through deploying the best enterprise solutions in each particular area, while ensuring they adequately integrate with one another when necessary. We serve companies of various sizes and sectors all across the MENA region.

PMC services include ERP Selection, ERP Implementation, ERP Contract Negotiation, Digital Strategy, Technology Assessment, Change Management, Human Capital Management, Business Process Management, Operational Restructuring, Project Auditing & Management.

PMC’s philosophy is about bringing the people, the process and the technology together in order to provide breakthrough value.

Raed Salameh (Managing Director)

Raed has extensive experience in account management, system integration, resource management, financial management and operational management that has served clients in manufacturing, fabrication, industrial distribution, service providers, education, retail, consumer packaged goods and public sectors all across the MENA region.

With his proven track record; he brings expertise in selecting and implementing enterprise solutions while ensuring that companies retain the maximum benefit of their investment by developing and executing the people/process infrastructure that is required to align with information technology roadmap.

Today, Raed leads a team of management consulting experts in assisting organizations with digital business transformation initiatives consisting of enterprise strategy, organizational design and change & business process management.