IT Consulting Suite

We help organizations of different structure to scale, develop, improve, and modernize their IT strategies and road maps in line with the overall vision, strategic objectives, and long-term goals. Our comprehensive suite of IT consulting services guarantees to create an enduring outcome, leveraging an effective approach that delivers value on the short, medium, and long term, by covering the following:

Technology Assessment

Baselining existing IT landscape and assessing the business processes and the ways in which employees use them, in order to build an in-depth understanding of the current situation with the emphasis on pain points, challenges, limitations and problems within the workflows and automation, as to devise a recovery plan in line with the industry best practices.

Strategy and Roadmap

Devising a practical IT strategy and an end-to-end roadmap that are aligned with overall strategic objectives, business goals and requirements, where the latest trends and best practices are implemented to aim for reducing the operational cost, increasing the speed of delivery and its resilience, leveraging the existing resources, and raising the overall return of IT investments.

Strategy Execution Support

Working closely with clients to clarify the strategy, by providing expert support on future-state process development, configuration best practices, data quality and data migration, deployment and testing best practices, go-live planning and execution, change management, leadership and employee engagement and buy-in, and periodic reviews of the overall deployment and recovery plans.

Execution Management

Managing the overall strategy execution process to ensure creating value and impact while sticking to an efficient timeline, by deploying tested project management techniques, covering centralized activity tracking, budget and schedule control, status updates and reporting, and diligent risk and escalation management.

Business Continuity

Conducting comprehensive Business Impact Analysis (BIA) to assess the impact of disaster events on revenues, costs, customers and overall business operations, and developing a tailored IT disaster recovery and business continuity plans, comprising of recovery workflows, policies and communication plans to increase the overall disaster recovery maturity of the organization.


Conducting comprehensive security assessment and planning to identify and reduce weaknesses in applications, as well as network securities, and to ensure constant compliance with standards and regulations.

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