Technology Assessment and Roadmap

Technology assessment

Assessing and analyzing your business processes to get a deep understanding of your organization’s current state and pain points, by addressing your most challenging issues and providing strategic financial, operational, human capital and IT professional services.

Technology Roadmap

Mapping your current system, identifying its ability, and assessing your business’s need for a new enterprise solution to support its future state processes and requirements.

ERP selection and implementation

ERP selection

Ensure that your organization is selecting the digital solutions that integrate into your culture and support your strategic vision.

ERP contract negotiation

Making sure you get the best pricing available using our ERP Negotiation Strategies.

ERP implementation

Providing a technology agnostic ERP implementation methodology, where we offer an objective and professional approach in managing projects with all its associated risks. Moreover, we assess business requirements and have them refined to align with the enterprise solutions framework, in addition to transforming the business processes into digital data, based on best practices.

Business Transformation and Change Management

Design and implement comprehensive business transformation processes to allow your organization to cope with competitive environments.

Project auditing and recovery

Ensure your project is designed to yield expected benefits, and offer recommendations for best-in-class execution while assessing implementation practices by including:

Digital Strategy

Developing a digital strategy that turns data and analytics into insights, indications and value to support the achievement of your strategic vision.

Offer transformation of your supply chain, customer experience, operational processes and business models.

IT Design

Asses, design and implement solutions to improve operational efficiency and performance.

Organizational structure redesign and cross-functional alignment of business processes with enterprise solutions.

Data Analytics